This theme includes a few custom shortcodes that you can use in posts, pages, and text widgets.


You can put custom buttons in your posts, pages, and widgets by using the button shortcode. Button shortcodes take 4 attributes: url, color, size, and block. All attributes are optional. The default button looks like this Default Button and is rendered using the shortcode [button]Default Button[/button]. The text inside the [button][/button] tags can be anything you want. Buttons utilize CSS3 and will look great in modern browsers. In older browsers the buttons won’t look as good, but they will still work the same.

Valid properties/values for button attributes

size  - mini, small, large (mini is the default)
url   - Any valid url. You must include the "http://" prefix (e.g.
color - primary (blue), alt (green), none (default grey color)
block - 1 (button will be block level)

Button Shortcode in Action

[button url="" size="mini"]Mini[/button]
[button url="" size="small"]Small[/button]
[button url="" size="large"]Large[/button]
[button color="primary" size="large"]Primary[/button]
[button color="alt" size="large"]Alt[/button]

Block Level Buttons

By default buttons are displayed inline.
Giving a button an attribute of block=”1″ will make it break onto a new line and expand to the width of its container. Block Button Any text after the button will show on a new line like this.

[button block="1" size="large" color="alt"]Block Button[/button]


Column shortcode allows you to create responsive columns of content. You can have up to six columns. On smaller screen sizes columns will collapse under each other and form rows, making your content more readable. Column shortcodes take two attributes size and first. “size” determines the width of the column. “first” only accepts one value and that is “1”. Every column has a little space on its left side to keep the columns from touching. Setting first=”1″ on a column will tell that column not to add space to its left side. If you forget to set first=”1″ on your first column, the columns will not display correctly.

Valid properties/values for columns


1    - (the column will not add space to its left side)
none - (the column will add some space to its left side)

Column Shortcode in Action



Social Icons & Contact Info

If you navigate to Genesis > Theme Settings inside the WordPress admin you will find a section that allows you to put in the URL’s to your social accounts. With the [social_icons] shortcode your can automatically insert icons that link to your social accounts.


You can also insert your phone number or brokerage address with shortcode.
(970) 209-0681